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The Richard III Society

Promoting research into the life and times of Richard III since 1924

Patron: HRH The Duke of Gloucester KG GCVO

Links to Medieval Societies and Organisations

  1. Medieval Study Societies
  2. Re-Enactment/Living History Groups
  3. Medieval Arms, Armour & Warfare
  4. Magazines
  5. Publishers in the Field of Medieval Studies
  6. University Publishers of Medieval Studies
  7. Medieval General

Our Branches and Groups page has information and links on how to get in touch with the individual branches and groups.

1. Medieval Study Societies

Organisation & Description
Institute for Medieval Studies
Leeds University Institute for Medieval Studies
Society for Medieval Archaeology
Established to discover evidence of the past, whether standing buildings, landscapes, buried remains or artefacts in museums.
Institute for Medieval Research, University of Nottingham
One of the UK's leading centres for medieval research, linking Nottingham researchers with interests in medieval cultures, and foster collaboration with international scholars.
Institute of Medieval Studies, St Andrews University, Scotland
The Department of Mediaeval History was founded in 1955, expanding to be the largest of its kind in the world, with a long and illustrious history of excellence in the field.
Centre for Medieval Studies and Culture, Cardiff University, Wales
The Centre runs a regular programme of research seminars and organises conferences and workshops, providing a focus for collaboration and discussion as well as an opportunity to bring scholars to the University from overseas.
London Medieval Society
Since 1945, the London Medieval Society (LMS) has provided a forum within London for the exploration and appreciation of the many areas of research associated with the Middle Ages. Membership of the LMS is open to interested scholars and students from all scholarly disciplines.
London Society for Medieval Studies, Institute for Historical Research, London University
Founded in 1921 by A. F. Pollard, the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) is an important resource and meeting place for researchers from all over the world.
Surrey Archaeological Society
The Medieval Studies Forum is a group of people interested in the medieval period. The Society was founded in 1854 for 'the investigation of subjects connected with the history and antiquities of the County of Surrey'.
Manchester Medieval Society
Established in 1933 as the Northern Branch of the Oxford Society for the study of medieval languages and literature, the Manchester Medieval Society arranges lectures and events covering all aspects of medieval life.
Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Kent University
The Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) was founded in 1996 as an interdisciplinary Centre within the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Kent.
UCLA Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University College London
The objective of the Centre is to enhance the understanding by the research community in Bloomsbury of the medieval and renaissance manuscripts and incunable collections in the British Library and to train young scholars to use them more effectively.
Centre for Medieval Studies, Bristol University
The Centre for Medieval Studies was formed in 1994 and is a well-established presence within the Faculty of Arts. It creates an exciting and supportive forum for staff and postgraduate researchers alike.
Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh University is home to one of the largest communities of medieval and renaissance specialists internationally, with over 70 members of staff actively pursuing research in this field.
Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society
LAMPS (The Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society) was founded by students who wished to create a cross-disciplinary medievalist forum in Edinburgh. It is a student society for those studying — or having an interest in — the late antique to early modern times.

The society is open to all students interested in subjects from late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, and includes students from archaeology, classics, modern languages, English literature, Celtic studies, history and history of art.
Centre for Late Antique & Medieval Studies, Kings College London
Specialising in teaching and research in all aspects of medieval studies, The Centre for Late Antique & Medieval Studies was founded in 1988. It is unique in Britain in its range of subjects and chronological span. Close relations with the Centre for Hellenic Studies also provide a combination of Eastern and Western Medieval Studies without parallel nationally and internationally.
The Haskins Society, Cornell University, USA
The Haskins Society is an international scholarly organisation dedicated to the study of Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and early Angevin history as well as the history of neighbouring areas and peoples.
Leeds International Medieval Congress, Leeds University
The International Medieval Congress (IMC) is organised and administered by the Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS). Since its start in 1994, the Congress has established itself as an annual event with an attendance of over 1,700 medievalists from all over the world. It is the largest conference of its kind in Europe.

Drawing medievalists from over 50 countries, with over 1,300 individual papers and 450 academic sessions and a wide range of concerts, performances, readings, round tables, excursions, book fair and associated events, the Leeds International Medieval Congress is Europe's largest annual gathering in the humanities
International Congress of Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, USA
The Congress is an annual gathering of more than 3,000 scholars interested in Medieval Studies. It features more than 550 sessions of papers, panel discussions, roundtables, workshops, and performances. There are also some 90 business meetings and receptions sponsored by learned societies, associations, and institutions. The exhibits hall boasts nearly 70 exhibitors, including publishers, used book dealers, and purveyors of medieval sundries.
Medival Studies at Oxford, Oxford University
This site brings together information on the wealth of people, events and resources in medieval studies at Oxford, from the early Middle Ages to the sixteenth century, and across a variety of disciplines and institutions.
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York
One of the world's leading centres for interdisciplinary graduate teaching and research into the middle ages.
Graduate Conference in Medieval Studies, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA
Programme in Medieval Studies – annual conference
Society of Antiquaries of London
Founded in 1717 the society is dedicated to the encouragement, advancement and the furtherance of the study and knowledge of antiquaries and history.

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2. Re-Enactment/Living History Groups

Organisation & Description
The Wars of the Roses Federation
An umbrella group comprising some 35/40 re-enactment/living history groups located around the country, many with small numbers, and many without their own websites - click the 'Member Households, Retinues & Levies'. This site also lists suppliers of arms, armour and clothing for re-enactment groups.
Welcome to the home for re-enactors of all ages, with listings of further medieval historical societies/groups who do not appear to have their own web sites.
Three Shires Medieval Society
Re-enactment/Living History group based in Derby
Throckmorton Household
Formerly The Companions of the Black Bear
History Channel 2
Delving even further into ancient cultures, famous figures from antiquity and monumental historical events, our new channel H2 will entertain you in unexpected and exciting ways.
Company of Ordinance
Re-enactment group specialising in archery,crossbowmen and handgunners in 15th century wars.
Society dedicated to knights and jousting
Harlech Medieval Society
Re-enactment group based in Wales
Knights in Battle Medieval Society
A Sheffield based group specialising in bringing medieval history to life.
Knights of Royal England
The spectacular Knights of Royal England have the experience to offer you all manner of mediaeval entertainment for your special event. As the premiere jousting company in Europe staging over 60 shows each year and having performed at both large and small venues all over the world, the Knights of Royal England from the National Jousting Association are able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of mediaeval entertainment and entertainers.
Medieval Combat Society
The Medieval Combat Society (MCS) was originally formed in 1970, and is a medieval re-enactment group. The object of the Society is to have fun whilst entertaining the Public and generate an interest in British history.
Medieval Heritage Society
Re-enactment group
Towton Battlefield Society
Re-enactment Society – includes Frei Compagnie.
Neville Household
Re-enactment group dedicated to the Neville Household also has close ties to Sheffield University
Plantagenet Medieval Society
Re-enactment group
Sir William Stanley Household
R-enactment group dedicated to the Stanley family
York City Levy
Re-enactment group
University of Sheffield Re-enactment Society
Re-enactment Society
British Plate Armour Society
Large medieval re-enactment society which organises re-enactment events countrywide.

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3. Medieval Arms, Armour & Warfare

Organisation & Description
Arms and Armour Society
Founded in 1950, a society dedicated to the study and preservation of antique arms and armour from the earliest times, bringing together scholars, collectors and professional experts.
Lance and Longbow Society
Formed in 1991, the aim of the society is to promote a historical and wargaming interest in the Middle Ages, the actual period covered is from the early eleventh century into the early sixteenth century.
De Re Militari
Society for the study of medieval warfare. They produce an excellent annual book on medieval warfare.
The Oakeshott Institute
Founded in memory of the great historian of medieval arms and armour, located in Minneapolis, USA.
Wallace Collection
Located in central London, it houses a superb collection of medieval arms and armour.
Royal Armouries
The Royal Armouries are located in Leeds, and houses one of Europe's best collections of medieval arms and armour.
The Battlefield Trust
Established with the aim of saving Britain's battlefield sites for posterity. This site contains a listing of the battles of the Wars of the Roses together with complete details of each battle.
The Fortress Study Group
An international society of artillery fortifications and military architecture.

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4. Magazines

Organisation & Description
Medieval Warfare
A new international academic bi-monthly magazine specialising in medieval warfare.
Arms and Armour Journal
Peer reviewed academic journal which aims to encourage and publish serious research in the field of arms and armour.
Classic Arms & Militaria
Specialist journal for military historians and private collectors – often carries detailed articles on medieval arms and armour.
Military History
Covers warfare of all eras including medieval warfare and battles.
BBC History
Britain's best selling history magazine often contains articles/features on all aspects of medieval history
History Today
Another top history magazine which often contains articles/features on all aspects of medieval life.
Battlefields Magazine
Magazine of the Battlefields Trust dedicated to preserving Britain's battlefields – often features medieval battles and battlefields.
Magazine for re-enactors/living history groups, features many of the medieval groups as well as listing all events country wide.
Medieval Archaeology
Journal of the Medieval Archaeological Dept. of Reading University.
Current Archaeology
Council for British Archaeology, bi-monthly journal
Archaeology Magazine
Journal of the Archaeological Institute of America.
Northern Archaeology Today
Magazine of the York Archaelogical Trust
Quarterly journal of the Department of Archaeology of Durham University.
International magazine covering art, architecture and civilisations.

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5. Publishers in the Field of Medieval Studies

Organisation & Description
History Press
Publishes a wide range of books on history including medieval subjects and medieval military history. Acquired Tempus Publishing in 2008.
Ashgate Publishing
Dedicated to publishing the best in academic research, publishes around 800 new books annually covering fifteen subjects in the areas of social sciences and humanities. Includes Gower & Lund Humphries
Boydell & Brewer
Leading publishers in the field of medieval studies – publish an excellent annual on medieval warfare see under De Re Militari
Broadwell Press
Publishers of books on the social sciences and humanities.
One of the world's foremost English language publishers offering content right across the spectrum.
History Press
Publishes a wide range of books on history including medieval subjects and medieval military history. [Acquired Tempus Publishing in Dec 2007].
Maney Publishing
Maney publishes extensively for learned societies, universities and professional bodies around the world – including The Royal Armouries
Osprey Publishing
Possibly the world's biggest publisher of books on military subjects with thousands of titles covering almost every aspect and age of military history from ancient Egypt to present day Afghanistan – covers many of the battles of the Wars of the Roses as well as arms, armour and fortifications of the period plus knights and heraldry.
Oxbow Books
Publishers and distributors of academic titles specialising in archaeology, the ancient world and middle ages – trades as David Brown Books in the US.
Major worldwide publisher of a large range of academic books covering a multitude of subjects including the humanities. Imprints include St Martin's Press.
Pen & Sword
Publish a wide range of books on history and military subjects including the Medieval period.
Routledge Books
Part of the Taylor and Francis Group. Publishers of a comprehensive range of books on the humanities, science and history. They publish The Routledge Companion to Medieval Warfare - an excellent book on medieval warfare listing all the battles and leading commanders for the whole period.
Worldwide publishers specialising in publishing a diverse range of academic and professional boocks including social sciences and humanities.

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6. University Publishers of Medieval Studies

Organisation & Description
Cambridge University Press
Advances learning, knowledge and research worldwide.
Cornell University Press
Cornell University Press was established in 1869, giving it the distinction of being the first university press to be established in the United States.
Edinburgh University Press
Edinburgh University Press is the premier scholarly publisher in Scotland of academic books and journals and one of the leading university presses in the UK.
University of Exeter Press
Over fifty years dedicated to scholarly book publishing has provided University of Exeter Press with a wealth of experience.
John Hopkins University Press
A leader and innovator in scholarly publishing since 1878, the Johns Hopkins University Press publishes and distributes books, journals, and online collections for a worldwide audience of students, professionals, and general readers.
Liverpool University Press
Founded in 1899, Liverpool University Press (LUP) is the UK's third oldest university press and one of its fastest growing publishers in recent years.
Manchester University Press
Founded in 1904, MUP is the third largest University Press in England and publishes monographs and textbooks by authors from all over the world.
Oxford University Press
As a department of the University of Oxford our worldwide publishing furthers the University's objectives of excellence in scholarship, research, and education.
University of Wales
The University of Wales Press was established in 1922 and is wholly owned by the University of Wales.
Yale University Press
From its founding in 1908 by George Parmly Day, Yale University Press sought to acquire and publish important works of scholarship, issuing its first book—The Beginnings of Gospel Story, by Benjamin W. Bacon—in 1909.

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7. Medieval General

Organisation & Description
Studio 88
Graham Turner is a leading artist for prints and paintings of medieval scenes of battles, jousting and court life. Graham has full knowledge of knights, armour, arms and heraldry as he participates in jousting at many of the re-enactment events around the UK. Graham's work is used in many publications of the Osprey Press to illustrate histories of medieval battles.
Arms & Archery
Company is a leading supplier of arms and armour to the film and television industry, as well as manufacturing to order the company also holds large stocks of medieval armour and weaponry plus banners and tents.
International Wargames Federation
Federation organising wargames covering all eras on an international basis. As a hobby it has many different aspects for people interested in history and battles through to modelling of figures and scenery.
Lost in Castles
Specialise in reconstructing medieval castles in 3D imagery, bringing history to life, a must for either the amateur or historian interested in medieval fortifications.
Jennifer Morag Henderson
Jennifer Morag Henderson is the author of 'Josephine Tey: A Life', the first biography of the author of 'Daughter of Time'. Jennifer gave a fascinating talk to the Richard III Society at the Merchant Adventurers Hall in York as part of the Society's 2016 AGM.

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