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American Branch

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  3. Battle of Bosworth
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American Branch Resource

The American Branch website
is dedicated to the study of the life and reassessment of Richard III and the study of fifteenth century English life and culture. It was established many years ago, and it too was redesigned in 2013.

The site is a tremendous learning resource combined with a wealth of features that include:

  1. An online library with full texts or extracts from primary sources, documents and papers. For example, the complete text of Crowland Chronicle Continuations covering the period 1463-1486, taken from the 19th-century published version. Another important document available online is the Titulus Regius, the 1484 Act of Parliament settling the crown on Richard. Access to these sources is usually limited to the larger reference and academic libraries so this is a unique service offered by the American Branch;
  2. The Society's Back to Basics series which first appeared in the Ricardian Bulletin and is aimed specifically at the newer member;
  3. An online hypertext edition of Shakespeare's play together with supplementary notes for those who like to compare the drama to history;
  4. A study and teaching section that includes a 'Quick start for students', bibliographies organised by subject, learning resources and much more;
  5. A section on Bosworth;
  6. A section on Barley Hall;
  7. The online presentation of Geoffrey Wheeler's exhibition To Prove a Villain first mounted by The Society in 1991;
  8. Details of the American Branch's Awards Program, which provides financial aid to postgraduate students and includes details of their publishing programme;
  9. Plus sections relating to the Branch and its activities including membership, tours, volunteer opportunities, what's new and much more.

For members there is an intranet where copies of the American Branch magazine, The Ricardian Register and the parent company's Branches & Groups magazine The Ricardian Recorder are uploaded.

With thanks to Tula Miller for exploring the American Branch site and who commented 'in general, the strengths of this site lie in its breadth: teaching and research aids through to fiction and full text links which are especially valuable and useful for articles and transcriptions'.

We are grateful to the American Branch for being able able to link to information on their web site.