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Title Author Vol No Date Pages
The Marvellous Dream of King ArthurGraham Harris344Mar 19742-5
Lucy Neville, Montagu's DaughterPauline E Routh344Mar 19746-9
King Edward IV in ExileMaaike Lulofs344Mar 19749-11
Richard III - Search for a Contemporary LikenessRobert C Hairsine344Mar 197412
John Wesley: An Eighteenth Century Ricardian?Ivor Haythorne344Mar 197413-15
Praising Thomas More … ?Isolde Wigram344Mar 197415
Richard's English BibleMary O'Regan344Mar 197423-26
Fotheringhay CastleJ Alec J Green345Jun 19742-5
Sir Thomas Le BotilerJames Barker345Jun 19746-8
Richard's English Bible (A Rejoinder)P W Hammond345Jun 19749-11
Sir Edmund Shaa, Kt, PCJohn Bluden-Ellis345Jun 197411-16
Royal & Episcopal ReceptionsMary O'Regan345Jun 197417-18
The Arrest of HastingsA J Mowat345Jun 197426-27
The Boar Badge of Richard IIIHelmut Nickel346Sep 19742-3
Richard's English BibleP W Hammond346Sep 19744-7
John Wycliffe … King's ChaplainElizabeth Ritchie346Sep 19748-9
Alice D'Eyncourt, Baroness D'Eyncourt and Grey of RotherfieldValerie Ray346Sep 197410
Cornewell/BotillerSandra Wilson346Sep 197410-11
York & Lancaster 1588Mary C Clawsey346Sep 197416
Morton Connections in GloucestershireGwen Waters346Sep 197417-18
Wardrobe & Coronation Accounts - Spring 1483346Sep 197420-22
A Fine Armour Of The Time Of Bosworth Frank Yeoman347Dec 19742-3
Anglia Tibi TurbidasGraham Harris347Dec 19744-5
Southwold, A link with the House of YorkHelen Astle347Dec 19745-6
The Brass of Joyce TiptoftRichard and Ann Barnard347Dec 19747-8
Richard Plantagenet of EastwellRoy C Bishop347Dec 19749-11
Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and Carlisle CastleJean M Perkins347Dec 197413-16
Bosworth Field 1974Jeremy Potter347Dec 197419-21
Genealogical ComplexitiesW K Norman347Dec 197422-23
Some Documents covering the Reign of Richard III347Dec 197427-28
A Gallant EditorPatrick Bacon348Mar 19752
Richard III, The City of London and SouthwarkAnne F Sutton348Mar 19753-8
Bigamy in Edward IV's First MarriageMaaike Lulofs348Mar 19759-10
Gloucester's Charter of IncorporationGwen Waters348Mar 197511-14
The Gloucester Civic SwordP W Hammond348Mar 197514-16
Swinging Signs of the TimesPauline E Routh348Mar 197517-18
Fotheringhay, March 1975349Jun 19752-4
William ColyngbourneKenneth Hillier349Jun 19755-9
Richard III's 'Castle of Care'Anne Sutton349Jun 197510-12
Princess BridgetPauline E Routh349Jun 197513-14
The Dicts and Sayings of the PhilosophersGraham Harris349Jun 197515-16
Genealogical Complexities: Part TwoW K Norman349Jun 197518-19
The Grey Friars, LeicesterAudrey Strange350Sep 19753-7
King Richard's Tomb at LeicesterRhoda Edwards350Sep 19758-9
Sir James Tyrell and his Chapel at GippingJoyce M Melhuish350Sep 197510-14
Walter HungerfordKenneth Hillier350Sep 197515-20
The Return to England of Richard of Gloucester after his first ExileAnne F Sutton350Sep 197521-22
Diplomacy and the Expedition of 1475K E Burr350Sep 197523-24
The Death of HastingsIsolde Wigram350Sep 197527-29
Edward IV's French Expedition of 1475 edited by Francis Pierrepont Barnard.Dec 1975
Leaves from Notable Old DiariesR G G Price351Dec 19752
The History of EnglandJane Austen351Dec 19753
Genealogical Complexities (3)W K Norman351Dec 19754-5
Books of HoursMary O'Regan351Dec 19756-8
Sir Thomas Montgomery, KGW E Hampton351Dec 19759-14
The Battle of Bosworth Brian A Jesson351Dec 197515-20
The Second Continuation of the Croyland ChronicleK E Burr351Dec 197521-27
The Gloucester Scene - August, 1483Gwen Waters452Mar 19762-7
Roger Wake of BlisworthW E Hampton452Mar 19768-13
St Martin-cum-Gregory, YorkMary O'Regan452Mar 197614-15
Sir Roger TocotesKenneth Hillier452Mar 197616-21
The Bones of the 'Princes' in Westminster Abbey452Mar 197622-25
R J A BunnettPatrick Bacon453Jun 19762-3
The Administratian of Justice Whereunto we be ProfessedAnne Sutton453Jun 19764-15
The Changing View from Oxford I: Vivat Rex Internum!R C Hairsine453Jun 197616-22
Robert StillingtonA J Mowat453Jun 197623-28
The Pre-contract and its Effect on the Succession in 1483Mary O'Regan454Sep 19762-7
John HarcourtKenneth Hillier454Sep 19768-13
The Changing View from Oxford II: Most Christian PrinceR C Hairsine454Sep 197614-23
A Further Account of Robert StillingtonW E Hampton454Sep 197624-27
Some 'Servants and Lovers' of Richard in his YouthCharles Ross455Dec 19762-4
The Transmission of the News of the Tudor LandingO D Harris455Dec 19765-12
The Changing View from Oxford III: Our Most Dread SovereignR C Hairsine455Dec 197613-24
As the King Gave Out'Susan E Leas456Mar 19772-4
The Personality of Richard IIIMarjorie Weeks456Mar 19775-9
Bishop Stillington's Chapel at Wells and his Family in SomersetW E Hampton456Mar 197710-16
Henry Deane - Archbishop of Canterbury, Prior of LlanthonyGwen Waters456Mar 197717-20
Richard III's 'Tytylle & Right': A new DiscoveryAnne F Sutton457Jun 19772-8
Further Notes on William Herbert, Earl of HuntingdonHelen Maurer457Jun 19779-11
On the Prolonged Use of Fifteenth-Century Armour Anthony B L Dove457Jun 197712-14
A Fifteenth-Century ProphecyBernard Witlieb457Jun 197715-19
John NesfieldW E Hampton458Sep 19772-8
The 'Ricardian' Windows in Penrith ChurchM Pamela Spence458Sep 19779-13
Dorset in the Life and Times of Richard III - An Interim ReportPatricia Hairsine458Sep 197714-20
The Valois-Tudor Marriage: A Missing Statute FoundMary O'Regan458Sep 197721-22
Beggerly Bretons and Faynte-harted FrenchmenLorraine Attreed459Dec 19772-16
William NorrisKenneth Hillier459Dec 197717-22
Mediaeval Liturgical and Pious BooksMary O'Regan459Dec 197723-26
Richard III's 'Tytylle & Right'Responses459Dec 197727-28
George Buck Senior and George Buck JuniorA N Kincaid460Mar 19782-8
Sir Robert Percy and Joyce his WifeW E Hampton460Mar 19789-18
Richard III and the Monks of DurhamMary O'Regan460Mar 197819-22
John Ramsay of Balmain: Tudor Agent?Mairead McKerracher461Jun 19782-11
The Civic Arms of GloucesterGwen Waters461Jun 197812-16
Anne MowbrayPhilomena Jones461Jun 197817-20
The Deformity of Richard IIIP W Hammond and Marjorie Weeks461Jun 197820-24
Did the Sons of Edward IV Outlive Henry VII?Jack Leslau462Sep 19782-14
The Ladies of the MinoriesW E Hampton462Sep 197815-22
The Lincolnshire Rebellion and its Part in the Downfall of the Earl of WarwickJuanita L Knapp462Sep 197823-32
The City of London and the Coronation of Richard IIIAnne F Sutton463Dec 19782-8
Sir James Tyrell: With some Notes on the Austin FriarsW E Hampton463Dec 19789-22
Changing Burial Practice in Late Mediaeval EnglandW J White463Dec 197823-30
A Contested Parliamentary Election of 1461Jennifer Bernard463Dec 197831-33
The Chancellor's File - Part 1R C Opinions & P B Hairsine564Mar 19792-13
Four Southampton Rebels of 1483 Kenneth Hillier564Mar 197914-19
Fifteenth-Century English ComposersR J Stove564Mar 197920-23
Did the Sons of Edward IV Outlive Henry VII? A PostscriptCompilation564Mar 197924-26
Bastardy and the Princes: A Further NoteJ O Petre564Mar 197927-28
The Role of The RicardianJeremy Potter565Jun 197938-40
Hanham Redivivus - A Salvage OperationLorraine Attreed565Jun 197941-50
Lumley and PlantagenentW E Hampton565Jun 197951-54
Did the sons of Edward IV Outline Henry VII? Answer & RejoinderD Shulman and J Leslau565Jun 197955-60
The Chancellor's File - Part 2R C & P B Hairsine566Sep 197974-86
British Library Harleian Manuscript 433Rosemary Horrox566Sep 197987-91
The Illegitimate Children of Richard IIIP W Hammond566Sep 197992-96
The Chancellor's File - Part 3R C & P B Hairsine567Dec 1979110-122
Tudor Heraldry at BosworthO D Harris567Dec 1979123-133
A Rebel of 1483; Sir Thomas de la Mare Kenneth Hillier567Dec 1979134-139
William Underwode, Blacksmith of London and Maker of Spurs for Richard IIIAnne B32Sutton567Dec 1979140-143
William, Lord BerkeleyGwen Waters568Mar 1980154-163
Medieval Spices and Spice AccountsMary O'Regan568Mar 1980164-169
Witchcraft and the Sons of YorkW E Hampton568Mar 1980170-178
The Swan, the Staffords and Some Buckinghamshire Yorkist ConnectionsW J White568Mar 1980179-183
Richard, Duke of York, as King's Lieutenant in Ireland: The White Rose A BloomingJames L Gillespie569Jun 1980194-201
Sir John Fogge of AshfordSarah Bolton569Jun 1980202-209
Harcourt and the Bosworth StandardO D Harris569Jun 1980210-211
Further Yorkist Connections in Bucks: John Heton, Richard Fowler, and Sir Ralph VerneyW J White569Jun 1980212-215
John Howard, Duke of Norfolk: A possible Murderer of the Princes?Anne Crawford570Sep 1980230-234
Sheriff Hutton: Historic DoubtsPauline Routh and Richard Knowles570Sep 1980235-242
Alice Claver, Silkwoman of London and Maker of Mantle Laces for Richard III and Queen AnneAnne F Sutton570Sep 1980243-247
Sir Marmaduke Constable of FlamboroughK R Dockray571Dec 1980262-267
Bad History Makes Good Drama: Richard III at Dartmouth CollegeLorraine C Attreed (ed.)571Dec 1980268-273
Sheriff Hutton: Historic Doubts ReconsideredP W Hammond and W E Hampton571Dec 1980274-281
The Middle Brother: 'False Fleeting, Perjur'd Clarence'Michael A Hicks572Mar 1981302-310
Sir John Fastolf's Place, Southwark: The Home of the Duke of York's Family 1460Martha Carlin572Mar 1981311-314
Sheriff Hutton: The Great DebatePauline Routh & Richard Knowles572Mar 1981315-318
The Mowbray InheritanceAnne Crawford573Jun 1981334-340
Rui de Sousa's Embassy and the fate of Richard, Duke of YorkBarrie Williams573Jun 1981341-345
Sheriff Hutton: Further DebateP W Hammond & W E Hampton573Jun 1981346-351
Clarence Still Perjur'dIsolde Wigram573Jun 1981352-355
The 2nd Anonmymous Continuation of the Croyland ChronicleEric J Thompson573Jun 1981356-360
Croyland at BosworthO D Harris573Jun 1981361-362
The Richard III Society Seminar at Trinity College OxfordLorraine C Attreed574Sep 1981382-383
North, South and Richard IIIA J Pollard574Sep 1981384-389
Medieval Children and Mortality: From Pearl Maiden to Princes in the TowerLorraine C Attreed574Sep 1981390-394
Cheshire and the March: Richard III to Henry VIIMuriel Smith574Sep 1981395-398
Clarence's Calumniator CorrectedMichael A Hicks574Sep 1981399-401
The Nevilles of Brancepeth and Raby 1425-1499, Part 1 1425-1469 Nevill v NevillJames Petre575Dec 1981418-435
The Nevilles of Brancepeth and Raby 1425-1499, Part 2 1470-1499: Recovery and CollapseJames Petre676Mar 19822-13
A Brief History of the King's EvilPhil Stone676Mar 198214-16
False, Fleeting, Perjur'd Clarence': A Further Exchange: Clarence and RichardIsolde Wigram676Mar 198217-20
False, Fleeting, Perjur'd Clarence': A Further Exchange: Richard and ClarenceM A Hicks676Mar 198220-21
Review Article: Richard III by Charles RossAnne F Sutton and P W Hammond676Mar 198222-26
Richard III and Allhallows Barking by the TowerRosemary Horrox677Jun 198238-40
Further Comments on Richard III by Charles RossSeveral677Jun 198241-47
Edward, George and RichardMuriel Smith677Jun 198248-49
Martin Jumbarde, an Embroiderer of Goods for Edward IV, Richard III and Henry VIIAnne F Sutton677Jun 198250-53
The Death and Burial of Henry VI, A Review of the Facts and TheoriesW J White678Sep 198270-80
The Rebellion of 1483: A Study of Sources and Opinions Kenneth Hillier678Sep 198281-86
The Duke of Buckingham's Sons, October 1483-August 1485Peter B Farrer and Anne F Sutton678Sep 198287-92
The Death and Burial of Henry VI, Part 2W J White679Dec 1982106-117
Lambert Simnel's Rebellion: How Reliable is Polydore Vergil?Barrie Williams679Dec 1982118-123
Preparation for Edward IV's Return from ExileRosemary Horrox679Dec 1982124-127
The Portuguese Connection and the Significance of 'The Holy Princess'Barrie Williams680Mar 1983138-145
The Rebellion of 1483: A Study of Sources and Opinions Part 2 Kenneth Hillier680Mar 1983146-154
Henry Tudor's Letters to England During Richard III's ReignRosemary Horrox680Mar 1983155-158
The Warwick Inheritance - Springboard to the ThroneM A Hicks681Jun 1983174-181
Richard in Holland 1461Livia Visser-Fuchs681Jun 1983182-189
The Portuguese Connection - A CommunicationDoreen Court681Jun 1983190-193
Some Posthumous Representations of Richard IIIFrederick Hepburn682Sep 1983210-219
Richard in Holland 1471-2Livia Visser-Fuchs682Sep 1983220-228
England and Spain 1483: A Bride for Edward of MiddlehamMuriel Smith682Sep 1983229-234
The Portuguese Marriage Negotiations: A ReplyBarrie Williams682Sep 1983235-236
The Yorkshire Rebellions of 1469 K R Dockray683Dec 1983246-257
Edward IV and the Beaufort Family: Conciliaton in Early Yorkist PoliticsM K Jones683Dec 1983258-265
Some Expenses of Richard Duke of Gloucester 1475-7Rosemary Horrox and Anne F Sutton683Dec 1983266-269
The Coronation of Elizabeth of YorkP W Hammond683Dec 1983270-272
The Civil War of 1459 to 1461 in the Welsh Marches: Part 1 The Rout of Ludford Bridge Geoffrey Hodges684Mar 1984286-293
Sir Edward Brampton: The Portuguese YearsBarrie Williams684Mar 1984294-298
Sir Ralph Bigod: A Loyal Servant to King Richard IIIRetha M Warnicke684Mar 1984299-303
Richard III and LondonRosemary Horrox685Jun 1984322-329
The Civil War of 1459 to 1461 in the Welsh Marches: Part 2 The Campaign and Battle of Mortimer's Cross - St Blaise's Day 3 February 1461 Geoffrey Hodges685Jun 1984330-345
Review Article: The Coronation of Richard III: The Extant Documents. Edited by Anne F Sutton and P W HammondCecil H Clough685Jun 1984346-352
The Coronet of Margaret of YorkP W Hammond686Sep 1984362-365
Richard III and PontefractBarrie Williams686Sep 1984366-370
The Origins of Penrith CastleJ Petre686Sep 1984371-373
Penrith Castle and Richard Duke of GloucesterMark Craster-Chambers686Sep 1984374-378
John Hertyngton, Supplier of Saddlery to Richard IIIAnne F Sutton686Sep 1984379-384
Richard III and IrelandGwen Waters687Dec 1984398-409
The Funeral of Richard Neville, Earl of SalisburyP W Hammond687Dec 1984410-416
Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury: The Burghfield EffigyPauline Routh687Dec 1984417-423
Further Comment: The Coronation of Richard III: The Extant DocumentsSeveral687Dec 1984424-430
John Hoton of Hunwick and TudhoeW E Hampton788Mar 19852-17
The Mystery of Richard de la PoleBarrie Williams788Mar 198518-25
Review Article: The Trial of Richard III (TV Programme and Book)Rowena E Archer788Mar 198526-29
Richard III, Wales and the Charter to LlandoveryGwen Waters789Jun 198546-55
What Happened to Lord Lovel?David Baldwin789Jun 198556-65
More about MoreJeremy Potter789Jun 198566-73
A Place Mete for Twoo Battayles to Encountre': The Siting of the Battle of Bosworth, 1485 Daniel Williams790Sep 198586-96
Sir Robert Brakenbury of Selaby, County DurhamW E Hampton790Sep 198597-114
The Bosworth Commemoration at DadlingtonO D Harris790Sep 1985115-131
The Ordnance Survey Complete Guide to the Battlefields of Britain David Smurthwaite.Dec 1985
The Last Chroniclers of CroylandH A Kelly791Dec 1985142-177
The Princes in the Tower 1483 - Death from Natural Causes?John A H Wylie791Dec 1985178-182
… Even Here, in Bosworth Field': A Disputed Site of BattleO D Harriss792Mar 1986194-207
The Kaleidoscope of Treason: Fragments from the Bosworth StoryMargaret Condon792Mar 1986208-212
Sanguinis Haustor - Drinker of Blood, a Burgundian View of England, 1471Livia Visser-Fuchs792Mar 1986213-219
Review Article: The Battle of BosworthW E Hampton792Mar 1986220-225
Richard Gowle, Supplier of Mercery to Richard III and Anne NevilleAnne F Sutton793Jun 1986238-245
Shakespeare's Second Thoughts?Barrie Williams793Jun 1986246-251
Review Article: Medieval Women and Modern HistoriographyRowena E Archer793Jun 1986252-258
The Foreign Policy of Edward IV, 1475-1483 and the Anglo-Breton Marriage Alliance of 1481Brian D Williams794Sep 1986270-280
The Title of the King: Aspects of Richard III's Act of SuccessionKenneth R Shepherd794Sep 1986281-286
Richard III's Books: I: The Booke of Gostlye Grace of Mechtild of HackebornAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs794Sep 1986287-292
Report: The Sheriff Hutton Monument to Edward, Prince of Wales, 1484-5P L Harrison794Sep 1986293-294
English Events in Caspar Weinreich's Danzig Chronicle 1461-1495Livia Visser-Fuchs795Dec 1986310-320
What Might have been: George Neville, Duke of Bedford 1465-83 - his Identity and SignificanceM A Hicks795Dec 1986321-326
Richard III's Books: II: A Collection of Romances and Old Testament Stories. 1 IpomedonAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs795Dec 1986327-332
The Battle of Bosworth: Further Reflections on the Battlefield SiteM J Phillips796Mar 1987350-362
Bosworth Field: A Footnote to a ControversyMargaret Condon796Mar 1987363-365
Francis Lovel and the Rebels of Furness FellsSheilah O'Connor796Mar 1987366-370
Richard III's Books: II: A Collection of Romances and Old Testament Stories. 2 Old Testamement Stories; 3 The Siege of Thebes by John LydgateAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs796Mar 1987371-379
Review Article: Memoirs of a Yorkist Civil ServantA J Pollard796Mar 1987380-385
Sir George Buck and Princess Elizabeth's Letter: A Problem in DetectionAlison Hanham797Jun 1987398-400
A Question of LoyaltyI Arthurson797Jun 1987401-413
The White Rose under the first Tudors, Part 1W E Hampton797Jun 1987414-420
Richard III's Books: II: A Collection of Romances and Old Testament Stories. 4 Palamon and Arcite and Griselda by Geoffrey Chaucer; 5 The Collection and its PurposeAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs797Jun 1987421-436
William Rufus, Richard III and Historical TraditionKeith Dockray798Sep 1987450-463
The White Rose under the first Tudors, Part 2. Edmund de la PoleW E Hampton798Sep 1987464-478
Richard III's Books: III: English New TestamentP W Hammond798Sep 1987479-485
Croyland Chronicle Communications: 1 The Croyland Chronicle TragediesH A Kelly799Dec 1987498-515
Croyland Chronicle Communications: 2 Richard Lavender, Continuator?Alison Hanham799Dec 1987516-519
Croyland Chronicle Communications: 3 A Commentary on the ContinuationLivia Visser-Fuchs799Dec 1987520-522
Croyland Chronicle Communications: 4 Memoirs of a Yorkist Civil Servant: A CommentJohn Gillingham799Dec 1987523-524
The White Rose under the First Tudors Part 3. Richard de la Pole, 'The King's Dreaded Enemy'W E Hampton799Dec 1987525-540
Richard III's Books: IV: Vegetius, De Re MilitariAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs799Dec 1987541-552
Lambert Simnel and the Battle of Stoke Michael Bennett.Mar 1988
The Exchequer Warrants for Issues: Another Source for Yorkist HistoryP B and R C Hairsine8100Mar 19882-8
A Ricardian Riddle: The Casualty List of the Battle of Barnet Livia Visser-Fuchs8100Mar 19889-12
William Lord Hastings and Ashby-de-la-ZouchKenneth Hillier8100Mar 198813-17
Elizabeth of York's Last JourneyBarrie Williams8100Mar 198818-19
And to be Delivered to the Lord Richard Duke of Gloucester, the Other Brother'Anne F Sutton8100Mar 198820-25
Buck and the Elizabeth of York Letter: A Reply to Dr HanhamArthur Kincaid8101Jun 198846-49
Harrington v. Saville: A Fifteenth-Century Divorce CaseMoira Habberjam8101Jun 198850-60
Richard III's Books: V: Aegidius Romanus' De Regimine PrincipumAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs8101Jun 198861-73
Review Article: The English Court. The Tudor Court by David Loades. The English Court from the Wars of the Roses to the Civil War by David StarkeyRosemary Horrox8101Jun 198874-78
Popular Religious Beliefs in Wales at the End of the Middle AgesGlanmor Williams8102Sep 198890-100
The Family of Richard IIIMuriel Smith8102Sep 1988101-103
Richard III's Books: VI: The Anonymous or Fitzhugh ChronicleAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs8102Sep 1988104-119
John Caster, King's Skinner within the Great WardrobeTimberlake Smith8103Dec 1988130-135
Richard III's Books: VII: Guido Delle Colonne's Historia Destructionis Troiae. VIII - Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae, with The Prophecy of the Eagle and CommentaryAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs8103Dec 1988136-148
Review Article: Experience and Experiment: The 1986 Harlaxton SymposiumMargaret Condon8103Dec 1988149-155
The Career of a Fifteenth-Century Lawyer: Miles Metcalfe of WensleydaleCarole Parkhouse8104Mar 1989174-189
Richared III's Books: VII - Guido Delle Colonne's Historia Destructionis TroiaeAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs8104Mar 1989190-196
The Remains of Mary of BurgundyJoyce Melhuish8105Jun 1989210-216
Richard III's Books: VIII: Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae with The Prophecy of the Eagle and CommentaryAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs8105Jun 1989217-224
A Personal View of the Road to Bosworth FieldArnold J James8105Jun 1989225-235
Consultants, Careerists and Conspirators: Royal Doctors in the time of Richard III 1452-1461Carole Rawcliffe8106Sep 1989250-258
Memoir of a Yeoman in the Service of the House of YorkMichael J Bennett8106Sep 1989259-264
Richard III and St Julian: A New MythAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs8106Sep 1989265-270
Richard III's Books: VIII: Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae with The Prophecy of the Eagle and CommentaryAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs8107Dec 1989290-304
A Local Dispute and the Politics of 1483: Roger Townshend, Earl Rivers and the Duke of GloucesterC E Moreton8107Dec 1989305-308
Katherine Bray's Flemish Book of HoursJ J G Alexander8107Dec 1989309-317
Croyland ObservationsH A Kelly8108Mar 1990334-341
Did Edward V Outlive his Reign or did he Outreign his Life?M A Hicks8108Mar 1990342-345
Richard III and the House of DudleyBarrie Williams8108Mar 1990346-350
Richard III's Books: VIII: Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae with The Prophecy of the Eagle and CommentaryAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs8108Mar 1990351-362
The Political Career of Francis Viscount Lovell (1456-?)Joanna M Williams8109Jun 1990382-402
Richard III's Books: VII and VIII: The Interest of these Books to Richard III and Later OwnersAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs8109Jun 1990403-413
A Local Dispute and the Politics of 1483: Two ReactionsIsolde Wigram and Marlous Thöne8109Jun 1990414-416
Patriotism, Pride and Paranoia: England and the English in the Fifteenth CenturyKeith Dockray8110Sep 1990430-442
The Career of Robert Michelson, Merchant, Ship Master and Burgess of Kingston-upon-Hull 1464-1490Audrey M Howes8110Sep 1990443-448
The Prophecy of GAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs8110Sep 1990449-450
The Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury PW Hammond.Dec 1990
Bones in the Tower: A Discussion of Time, Place and Circumstance Part 1Helen Maurer8111Dec 1990474-493
Richard III's Books: IX: The Grand Chroniques de FranceAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs8111Dec 1990494-514
Bones in the Tower: A Discussion of Time, Place and Circumstance Part 2Helen Maurer9112Mar 19912-22
Richard III's Books: X: The Prose TristanAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs9112Mar 199123-37
An Amended Itinerary to Bosworth FieldArnold J James9113Jun 199154-69
Mary Shelley's Perkin WarbeckNatalie Jane Prior9113Jun 199170-75
A Requiem for King EdwardC S L Davies9114Sep 1991102-105
Unweaving the Web: The Plot of July 1483 against Richard III and its Wider SignificanceMichael Hicks9114Sep 1991106-109
Richard III's Books: XI: Ramon Lull's Order of Chivalry translated by William CaxtonAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs9114Sep 1991110-129
The World of Etheldreda GardenerKristine G Bradberry9115Dec 1991146-153
Richard III's Books: XII: William of Worcester's Boke of Noblesse and his Collection of Documents on the War in NormandyAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs9115Dec 1991154-165
Richard III's Other Palatinate: John Shirwood, Bishop of DurhamBarrie Williams9115Dec 1991166-169
Richard III's Books: XIII: Chivalric Ideals and RealityAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs9116Mar 1992190-205
The Wives and Children of Sir William Stanley of HoltJean M Gidman9116Mar 1992206-210
Review Article: Richard III and the Princes by A J PollardP W Hammond, Livia Visser Fuchs and Isolde Wigram9116Mar 1992211-221
The Battle of WakefieldKeith Dockray9117Jun 1992238-258
The Battle of Wakefield: The Topography Richard Knowles9117Jun 1992259-265
Richard Liveth Yet': An Old MythAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs9117Jun 1992266-269
The More: Archbishop George Neville's PalaceHeather Falvey9118Sep 1992290-302
Richard III's Books: Mistaken AttributionsAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs9118Sep 1992303-310
How Posterity Beheaded Morton: The Case of the Missing HeadIsolde Martyn9118Sep 1992311-314
The Wives of Sir William StanleyBarbara Coulton9118Sep 1992315-318
Richard III, Henry VII and the Island of JerseyC S L Davies9119Dec 1992334-342
Richard III's Books: Ancestry and 'True Nobility'Anne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs9119Dec 1992343-358
Richard III's Books ObservedAnne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs9120Mar 1993374-388
Caroline Halsted and Mary ShelleyNatalie Jane Prior9120Mar 1993389-392
Lady Scroop Daughter of King Edward: An EnquiryPauline Sheppard Routh9121Jun 1993410-416
Thomas Woodshawe, 'Grasiour' and RegicideRaymond J Skinner9121Jun 1993417-425
Byron's Lost Epic: Some Speculations on Bosworth Field (1807)Natalie Jane Prior9121Jun 1993426-429
William Lord Hastings and the Crisis of 1483: An Assessment. Part 1Wendy E A Moorhen9122Sep 1993446-466
One Prince or Two? The Family of Richard IIIMichael A Hicks9122Sep 1993467-468
Where did Elizabeth of York find ConsolationLivia Visser-Fuchs9122Sep 1993469-474
William Lord Hastings and the Crisis of 1483: An Assessment. Part 2Wendy E A Moorhen9123Dec 1993482-497
Review Article: The Parliamentary Class of 1399A J Pollard9123Dec 1993498-504
William Flete: More than just a Castle BuilderHeather Falvey10124Mar 19942-15
Not Yorkist but Anti Lancastrian: Henry Despenser Bishop of Norwich 1370-1406Richard Allington-Smith10124Mar 199416-18
Nicholas Harpisfeld, Clerk of The Signet, Author and MurdererLivia Visser-Fuchs10125Jun 199442-59
Review Article: Microcosm or Mere County? Greater Warwickshire in the Fifteenth CenturyRowena E Archer10125Jun 199460-65
The Making of a Minor London Chronicle in the Household of Sir Thomas Frowyk (Died 1485)Anne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs10126Sep 199486-103
The Reburial of Richard, Duke of York, 21-30 July 1476P W Hammond, Anne F Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs10127Dec 1994122-165
Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and the Death of Thomas FauconbergRichard Britnell10128Mar 1995174-184
Putting Women in their Place: Social and Legal Attitudes towards Violence in Marriage in Late Medieval EnglandAlison McRae-Spencer10128Mar 1995185-193
Communal Leisure in Late Medieval EnglandHeather Falvey10128Mar 1995194-197
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