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Richard III – a psychological portrait

by Mark Lansdale and Julian Boon

Does a psychological analysis tell us anything new about Richard III? This analysis by Professor Mark Lansdale and Julian Boon of the School of Psychology, University of Leicester, was commissioned for the Looking for Richard III project in Leicester, and was published in the March 2013 issue of the Ricardian Bulletin.


On the face of it, amongst any number of historical figures, Richard III is an obvious candidate for psychological analysis. The received wisdom of Tudor calumnies and historical circumstance surrounding key events such as his assumption of the throne, the execution of Hastings and the disappearance of his nephews generates a prima facie case for questioning his personality even if, individually, the accuracy of Tudor commentaries and their interpretation of each of these events is, at the very least, open to serious doubt.

The article as published in Ricardian Bulletin