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The Richard III Society

Promoting research into the life and times of Richard III since 1924

Patron: HRH The Duke of Gloucester KG GCVO


Richard III by Andrew JamiesonRichard III by Andrew Jamieson,
© Richard III Society.

Welcome to the website of the Richard III Society. We have been working since 1924 to secure a more balanced assessment of the king and to support research into his life and times. The recent Greyfriars excavation has raised the king's profile and provided us with new opportunities to make the case for 'Good King Richard'.


Why a society?

"… the purpose—and indeed the strength—of the Richard III Society derives from the belief that the truth is more powerful than lies; a faith that even after all these centuries the truth is important. It is proof of our sense of civilised values that something as esoteric and as fragile as reputation is worth campaigning for." Our Patron - the present Richard, Duke of Gloucester. more


Dr John Ashdown-Hill

We congratulate John Ashdown-Hill on his recent election to the Fellowship of the Society of Antiquaries where he joins other Society members Anne Sutton, Livia Visser-Fuchs, Peter Hammond, and indeed our Patron.


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Latest News

Judicial Review

Read an account of the proceedings of the Judicial Review which was held at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on 13 and 14 March.


Sequencing the genome of Richard III

Earlier this year, the University of Leicester announced that it plans to sequence the genome of Richard III's DNA. In time, this will mean that we can all know a lot more about the man—his eye and hair colour, the nature of his scoliosis, and something about his family.

Inevitably, members of the Society are divided on the issue of further testing on the remains of King Richard. Messages have been received expressing both concern and approval. Whether one approves or disagrees, it must be remembered that, once the excavation began and the subsequent events were started, the Society no longer had any control. The Richard III Society is not the custodian of the remains and Society funds paid only for the dig and the facial reconstruction. The scientific testing has been paid for by others, including Leicester University. more


2nd Battle of Tewkesbury, 2014

The Gastons is part of the battlefield where the House of York reasserted its hold on the throne with Edward IV's victory at the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471. More recently, the school which owns the land, has decided to sell it in order to raise money. To prevent the land being bought by developers, Tewkesbury Battlefield Society has set up a fighting fund to purchase the land and to keep it as a leisure facility, for walks, as a battlefield trail and a wildlife park.

The fund has been launched and donations can be made through the TBS Just Giving site, or by cheque. more


Royal Television Society Awards

At the Royal Television Society Programme Awards for 2013, held 18 March 2014 at London's Grosvenor Park Hotel, Darlow Smithson's
Simon Young &
Philippa Langley
documentary 'Richard III: King in the Car Park' for Channel 4, won in the 'History category'. 'The winning programme created headlines around the world, and vividly portrayed the application of forensic science to a major historical mystery. It was presented with huge gusto, authority and sense of event.' The documentary was based on the original 'Looking for Richard' project devised and developed by Society member Philippa Langley. Congratulations to all involved!

The other nominees were 'Secrets from the Workhouse' and 'The Story of the Jews'.


Facial reconstruction tour

The facial reconstruction of King Richard III, commissioned by the Society,
© Richard III
is currently on tour. After these dates, it is expected to become a central feature of the new Visitor Centre, close to the grave site, in Leicester.

Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire, 2 April 2014 – 15 April 2014


The Search for Richard III

Philippa Langley and Michael Jones undertook a country-wide tour to promote The Search for Richard III: the King's Grave published 2 October 2013.The Search for Richard III The King's Grave
Their tour has now concluded. It was extremely successful with packed audiences who were interested to learn more about the real Richard III.

Looking for Richard III

Question: What took three years, untold amounts of grit and graft, and produced a glittering result?

Answer: Philippa Langley's quest for the lost grave of Richard III.

Many, including academics and archaeologists – not to mention the media – are still reeling from a success that can only be called stunning!

Phlippa Langley next to the grave
Philippa Langley next to the grave.

Philippa Langley knew King Richard III had been 'piteously slain' at Bosworth Field. And she knew the Franciscan Friars of Leicester had laid him to rest in a simple grave. But where to look? Was he still there? And would they let her try to find him?

On 25 August 2012 Philippa Langley's quest for the lost grave of Richard III finally came to fruition!

Find out more …